Old Friends Fitness


We offer evidence-based content, curated by our in-house Physical Therapist, Dr. Kyle Brown, on how to rehab and prevent the most common injuries facing the modern-day skateboarder. We release weekly offerings, with easy-to-follow videos and in-depth discussions to give skaters the tools to improve resilience and durability, maximize healing, and feel better on a skateboard. So far we have covered Warming Up, Ankle Sprains, Static Stretching, Achilles Tendinopathy, and Foam Rolling. Our sixth issue focuses on Patellofemoral Pain. 

Issue 1: Warming Up

Issue 2: Ankle Sprains

Issue 3: Static Stretching

Issue 4: Foam Rolling


Issue 5: Achilles Tendinopathy

Issue 6: Patellofemoral Pain

Issue 7: Icing

Issue 8: Plantar Fasciitis

Issue 9: Hamstring Strain

Issue 10: Walker's Low Back Muscle Strain  


Issue 11: Hip Impingement



Dr. Kyle Brown is a licensed Physical Therapist from Calistoga, CA. He currently lives in Santa Monica, CA.  

Walker Ryan is a professional skateboarder from St. Helena, CA. He currently lives in New York City.