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Also featuring Austin Kanfoush, Dr. Kyle Brown, John Lupfer, David Cole, Jack Fardell, Jiro Platt, Mark Suciu, Frankie Spears and Sebo Walker.

Rest in Peace Dave Abair

off clark - a novel

Walker wrote another book!

Walker's second novel, Off Clark is now available for presale. Books will ship worldwide starting early December.

Last Swims - Walker Ryan

Top of Mason

A Novel by Walker Ryan

Top of Mason is a San Francisco adventure story set inside the world of professional skateboarding. Cover art by Sebo Walker, design by Chris Collins. 243 pages. Paperback. Meant to be a fun read. More info here

Old Friends Fitness Issue #19: Skateboard Strength "Strength and Conditioning with Coach Dan


Frankie Spears Catch Up

"I thought I was going to die, for sure"

In this episode, Frankie talks about his experiences with hip impingement and a torn ACL, along with how he handles recovery and working out. Listen on Spotify Apple or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Ankle Sprain 101 and Deep Dive on Youtube

Audiobook Sample

TOP OF MASON now on Audible

Walker Ryan teamed up with his old friend Rudy Behrens for the audiobook production of his novel Top of Mason now available on Audible. To celebrate, he went back and skated all the spots in San Francisco that inspired the book. Well, not all of the spots . . .

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